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Learn from leaders and experts who have successfully protected many places we all enjoy.  You can learn how to get activated to become a protecter of our lands and waters.

Creating the Greenway Creating the Greenway
Issaquah Alps Trails Club
Join Have you ever wondered how the vast, forested landscape and trails of the Issaquah Alps (Cougar, Squak, Rattlesnake, and Tiger Mountains, Grand Ridge, the Raging River valley, and more) came into being? Who made this happen and how did they do it? What does this landscape look like, and where are the trails? Learn the inside story of the continuing 40 year long effort to protect and preserve the natural landscape around us, even as we grow exponentially. Join Ken Konigsmark from the Issaquah Alps Trails Club to learn how this place we call the Greenway was created.

Protect Water Trails Protect Water Trails
Washington Water Trails Association
What is a Water Trail? Learn from Linda Hanlon of Washington Water Trails Association why urban and rural public shoreline access is so important and how you can help.

Elected representatives and public policy Elected representatives and public policy
Sierra Club
Join Bonnie Gail from the Sierra Club to learn about the roles our elected representatives play in public land policy.

Birds and Climate Change Birds and Climate Change
Washington Audubon
Audubon scientists have used hundreds of thousands of citizen-science observations and sophisticated climate models to predict how birds in the U.S. and Canada will react to climate change. Nearly half of all North American birds—are severely threatened by global warming. These findings are alarming, but within them also lies hope to protect strongholds. Audubon is mobilizing its vast network to protect these places now, and you can join us!

Ocean Acidification in Puget Sound – What It Is, and What You Can Do About It Ocean Acidification in Puget Sound – What It Is, and What You Can Do About It
Washington Sea Grant
You’re probably familiar with climate change, but have you heard about it’s evil twin, Ocean Acidification? Did you know that Washington state has been hit harder by Ocean Acidification than almost anywhere else in the world? Come hear why from Washington Sea Grant OA specialist Meg Chadsey, see why shellfish and other marine creatures are struggling, and (if you’re brave enough) experience acidification for yourself! Then learn about some local solutions to this global problem.

Explore Seattle Parks Explore Seattle Parks
Mountaineers Books
Mountaineers Books presents Linnea Westerlind, author of Discovering Seattle Parks: A Local’s Guide. Linnea will present her book which is dedicated exclusively to Seattle parks. Linnea has visited each of Seattle’s 426 city parks. The new guidebook is based on Westerlind’s blog, but for this book she has revisited and further researched every single park she describes, and now includes even more detailed information and descriptions on more than 110 parks. 

Advocate for Public Lands Advocate for Public Lands
Sierra Club
Learn about protecting public lands in Washington from Don Parks and Alex Craven of the Sierra Club.